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GPU as a Service (GPUaaS)

Presented by xAmplify, in partnership with Vast Data and AUCloud, Scaile is Australia’s first purpose built secure AI GPU Platform providing Australian Government and Industry access to the world’s leading AI technology.

Test Drive

Delivering Accelerated Insights, Automation and Analytics

Scaile provides a cost-effective pricing model and delivers the next giant leap in AI enabled elastic compute functionality, performance, security and scalability enabling innovators to do their life’s work. Scaile is powered by the incomparable NVIDIA DGX™ A100.


  • Ready-to-use service and support
  • Cutting-edge tensor-processing for accelerated computation and AI model training
  • Secure multi-user partitioning of GPU resources
  • Geo-resilient, sovereign, highly secure data hosting


  • Access to leading GPU technology for AI research, training and inference NOW
  • Leverage cloud efficiencies by using and only paying for the GPU compute infrastructure required
  • No ingress or egress charges for your data
  • Compliance with Australian Government sovereign data centre and cloud hosting security requirements for sensitive data
  • All data including metadata, monitoring, support etc data remains in Australia, subject only to Australian jurisdictional control

Use Cases

AI Model Training and Inference

Training and deploying Machine Learning models, retraining and conducting inference on streaming data or telemetry

Natural Language Processing

Conversational AI, automated analysis and insights for large bodies of text data, translation services, document automation and audit

Accelerated Data Analytics and Cognitive Insights

Understand and make informed decisions on large, complex data sets faster and with more certainty using the power of machine learning

Robotics and Control Systems

Managing, monitoring and control complex mechanical or industrial systems, including autonomous robotics and vehicles

Automation Efficiencies

Machine Learning to facilitate automation of processes including categorisation, classification, route-planning, logistics and supply chain management, among many others

Security and Monitoring

High-speed automated security monitoring and surveillance – cybersecurity, fraud detection, crowd safety and predictive policing

Streaming Data and Telemetry

Machine learning can be used to monitor and assess streaming data and remote telemetry from networks and edge devices

Computer Vision

Computer vision technologies facilitated by AI include medical image and satellite image analysis

Scientific Computing

Using advanced and accelerated computational power to understand complex problems and high-dimensional datasets. This includes the simulation and modelling of complex phenomena – molecular dynamics, astrophysics, genomics, economics, oil and gas, demographic analysis and other complex system analysis

Simulation and Training

Combining High Performance Computing with AI to deliver ultra high-fidelity simulation environments enabling an interactive, physically accurate training platform.

Test Drive

Try the world’s fastest servers

Take Scaile for a test drive today and accelerate your most demanding analytics, high-performance computing (HPC), inference and training workloads with a free test drive. Make your applications run faster than ever before by tapping into the power of a single GPU or an entire NVIDIA DGX A100™, the world’s first 5 petaFLOPS AI system.

Unlock AI in your organisation - test drive Scaile today!

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